Would like to do

Working as a manager (and being ex-developer) I mostly don’t have a possibility to work directly on code. However I still get delighted when I see good engineering solutions. And every that time I wish to seat down and implement these solutions by myself. So I decided to make a list of issues and solutions (including but not limiting) I like and on which I would like to work if I would so lucky to work as a developer some day again.

  • Build HTTP APIs
    • Request/Response shape
    • Authentication
    • Logging
    • Security
    • Performance
    • Specification first
    • OpenAPI
    • GraphQL
    • Documentation
    • 100% integration tests coverage
    • Compatibility, versions, deprecations
  • Design database and domain model
  • Analyze the experience with existing API (probably “legacy”) and design its next version with and without breaking changes
  • Write API documentation, working as a tech writer, building the doc site
  • HTTP API versioning
  • API evolution
  • Minimal Modeling
  • High efficient logging
  • Write code on Ruby (Gold level certification)
  • Write code on Clojure
  • Write code on Elixir
  • Build the next gen internet services (what is “next gen”? we could decide that together!)
  • My beloved domain to work on is books (printed, e-books, audio-books, comics)
  • Strong knowledge of e-book standards: EPUB, ONIX, BISAC, MOBI, CBZ etc
  • Strong knowledge of OpenAPI standard, experienced in writing OpenAPI tools

to be continued…